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About Us

With Love Productions Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010. Other than local community theaters and high schools there wasn’t a place for people from all walks of life to come together to express themselves through different types of art at no cost for them. WLP prides itself on being able to provide members of the community with free instruction in dance, acting, and singing. Students and adults have the opportunity to work with experienced choreographers and instructors for free. During our seven year contribution to the city of Lakeland we have produced sixteen full scale productions and over thirty smaller performances that have featured all forms of artistry here in Polk County.

Our organizations mission is to fill the eyes and ears of the people with captivating and awe-inspiring artistry from all ages within their community, while providing free instruction of the performing arts to its participants, as well as providing an outlet for amateur and professional artists to express themselves. WLP strives to create and provide a positive, enriching learning environment for its children and volunteers. Our mission is guided by our vision to bring a passion of life and love to the community through art. WLP believes that we can enrich not only young lives, but the lives of all ages by offering the opportunity to experience discipline, a sense of achievement, physical, mental and emotional well-being, confidence and self-respect.

We have performed at various events and venues throughout Central Florida including but not limited to; Polk Theatre, Lkldlive, Downtown Lakeland’s First Friday, Orlando Weekly’s zombie ball, PlatformART, Zombiefest, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience.